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Our order

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Every time we meet to worship, we begin by asking God to meet with us. We recognise that if he doesn't meet with us then nothing significant will happen. So we start our time by admitting our neediness and calling on him to join with us by his Spirit. This takes the form of one of the elders or members of the church leading us in public prayer for the opening few minutes of our worship time.

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Our aim when we come together on a Sunday morning is to encounter God. After asking him to meet with us through prayer, we turn next to hear him speak to us. That means we open our bibles and read a part of the revelation of himself that he has given us in his Word the Bible. An elder or member of the church will publicly read some passages of the bible which have been chosen for the service.

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The main portion of our time is given to a passage of the bible where one of our elders explains the meaning and draws our attention to the greatness of our God and encourages us to receive his help, and encouragement for our ongoing walk with him. This part of our worship time usually lasts around 30-40 minutes and involves attentive listening to God speaking through his word directly to our hearts.

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Our whole worship time is punctuated with songs and hymns which are expressions of our heart's delight in our God. There is a song sheet for every service and we sing together as a congregation with a pianist for accompaniment. Our songs and hymns are a mixture of new and old and we usually sing at least 3 together during our worship time. The songs that are sung on a given morning will track with the theme of the service.

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The Lord's Supper, or Communion as it is sometimes called, has its own dedicated time. We celebrate the table together with bread and wine (grape juice is available), a hymn, prayer and bible reading, sometimes with a short explanation. The table is only for those who trust in Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, but our table is not closed and we warmly encourage believers who worship with us to join our remembrance of the death of Jesus on our behalf.

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After our time of worship, we like to spend more time together, recounting God's goodness to us and reflecting on the things we have heard. We also love to get to know each other better and find out ways that we can encourage and help each other. After the service, refreshments are served, encouraging us to stay and fellowship together. The building is also always kept open for any who want to stay and eat packed lunches together.

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